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The Word

We at Grace are committed to a high view of Scripture. Because it is God’s living, active, and faithful Word to His people, we seek to allow Scripture to shape, inform, and direct every area of our ministry. Our aims are to driven by Scripture in our worship, proclamation, and discipleship. To find out more about our theological commitments as it pertains to the Bible, see our Doctrine & Mission page.

What Should I Expect?

Naturally when people enter an unfamiliar setting they wonder to themselves, “What can I expect?” When it comes to churches, guests and newcomers specifically wonder what they can expect to hear. We simply want to say, what you can expect (and should expect) is that God’s Word will have preeminence in the corporate worship of the church. The lyrics of our songs will be biblical in content, the prayers offered will be guided by Scriptural priorities, and the preaching and teaching of the Word will primarily be expositional in nature.

Expositional preaching means that the substance, shape, and purpose of a selected passage or passages of Scripture will provide the content of the message. We want to explain what the inspired words of Scripture mean and how they transform the lives of God’s people. So whether one attends a Sunday School class, Sunday morning worship, or Sunday evening worship, they can expect to hear the Word.

Our midweek service on Wednesdays consists of an in-depth study of Scripture or a Christian book, and a corporate time of prayer.