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Grace Free Will Baptist Church

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Sunday School

Grace Church takes seriously Christ's admonition to spread the Gospel. But Jesus also commands us to make disciples.Thus, we emphasize ministries that serve as auxiliaries to our evangelism and primary worship services.

Sunday School is an opportunity that our members have to gather in small group settings for instruction, admonition, encouragement, and fellowship. Most of our classes get together periodically for outings and service projects. Some are based more on age (especially our youth classes), while our classes for adults are more integrated and not age-based. Our ministry primarily uses the award-winning D6 Curriculum produced by Randall House Publications. Among the many strengths of this curriculum is its way of connecting parents to youth in meaningful dialogue and discussion about the same Scriptural texts and themes each week. Practically then, this means our parents already have a head-start in knowing how to begin and have productive, spiritually significant conversations with their children throughout each week because they are learning the same spiritual truths in their different Sunday School classes.

We also offer courses such as Grace 101-201 that help newcomers assimilate into the church and the Christian faith in general.

Come and join us on Sunday mornings at 9:45 to learn more!