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There's no spiritual habit more essential to our lives and ministry than prayer! As John Onwuchekwa puts it in his excellent book on prayer, "Prayer is like breathing to the Christian." So as you participate in the ministry of Grace Church, whether Sunday School, worship, counseling, or special ministry events, we hope you see the priority of prayer throughout everything. In fact, a crucial time in our week is when we come together on Wednesday at 6:30 pm for Prayer Meeting. The bulk of this service is devoted to the sharing of and praying for needs, concerns, problems, thanksgivings, and more.

Another tool we use to foster faithful prayer in the church is our Prayer Chain. Simply provide your preferred phone number to Ron Lowe or Diana Anderson, and you will receive automated calls with specific, urgent prayer requests from various church members/attendees. Likewise, you can contact Diana Anderson, our Call Chain Coordinator, and she can put your special request out. Please be sure to share items that are of a serious and urgent nature, including updates on situations for which the church has previously prayed. Reserve less urgent requests for sharing with people individually, the Grace Family Facebook page, your Sunday School class, Growth Group, or during our corporate Prayer Meeting on Wednesdays. [As a reminder to our members, several considerations are taken into account concerning when calls go out: (1) The request of the people whom the need concerns; (2) When information became available to our Prayer Chain Coordinator; (3) Sometimes if we're awaiting other forthcoming requests or information about a specific matter, we wait until we have all the information before placing a call.]       

Finally, check the Resource Table for a copy of the Grace Church Prayer Journal. This is an excellent tool to facilitate your praying for the many, many needs and concerns of life.