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Men & Women Ministries

For much of Grace Church's history, our primary women's ministry was known as Women Nationally Active for Christ, and our primary men's ministry was Master's Men. As ministries tend to do, these groups have both evolved over the years. Yet much of their focus has not changed: encourage the struggling, serving the needy, and equipping the saints. 

On the first Wednesday night of each month, men gather for prayer, then go out to homebbound members, those in nursing homes, or those in the hospital. They go to encourage them, share Scripture with them, and pray with them. Through this simple ministry of encouragement we hope to be a blessing to others. At the same time, our Trustees regularly try to enlist the help of other men in working on the facility. This is a great way to bring men together around common causes that advance the work of the Lord. That service also spills out into the community when we hear of either church members with material needs, or someone else we can serve in this way. So while our men's ministry has enjoyed a lot of fellowship through golf, shooting sporting clays, and other such outings, our present ministry is more service-oriented. 

Our Grace Women's Ministry also meets the first Wednesday of each month. They gather for prayer, study, encouragement and fellowship, and to discuss various ways they can promote service to others and missions-related ministries. They have a long track record of raising funds for worthy causes, and enlisting the entire church in specific projects. Among those are helping minister to at-risk children, the financially vulnerable, widows and widowers, and others. This ministry group is affiliated with our Women Nationally Active for Christ department in Nashville, Tennessee. More of their global impact can be learned about at www.wnac.org. One of the highlights of the year for our women's ministry group is their annual retreat in September. To learn more about this ministry, contact Teresa Horn.