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We recognize that our brothers and sisters, as well as neighbors in the Arnold community, have many needs in life. Therefore, we are committed to trying to provide assistance whenever we are able. Our first obligation is to the needs of our own people since Galatians 6:10 teaches that we are to especially do good to those who belong to "the household of faith." Our Deacons oversee this aspect of our church's ministry. Additionally, for those outside the church who seek to understand how we seek to meet needs, we have several steps for you to be aware of.

First, Grace contributes regularly to the Arnold Food Pantry. Through this we hope that some of the physical needs of our community can be positively addressed.

Second, Grace's benevolence ministry also extends to those in the Arnold community experiencing various difficulties concerning food, shelter, utilities, or other related needs. Sometimes exceptions can be made for those outside of Arnold. Because we as a congregation are limited in our resources, we must exercise careful stewardship of those resources. That being said, there is a convenient process by which people can submit requests for aid:

  1. Come by the church at 2258 Tenbrook Road. You can enter from the back in order to locate the church office.
  2. Complete a brief Benevolence Request Form.
  3. Be prepared to provide photo identification, preferably a Driver’s License.
  4. Be prepared to provide a copy of your bill, or contact information for your landlord or other creditor.
  5. Be patient, as it can take 48-72 hours to process your request.

We at Grace recognize that often people often only seek assistance for their needs as a last resort. However, we strongly encourage you to try to anticipate your need soon enough to place your request in a timely way. Frequently if a person waits until the deadline for a particular payment or bill due date we are unable to do anything quickly enough to prevent eviction, power shut-off, or another such dilemma.

Finally, we want for those placing requests to recognize that we provide this ministry because we do understand and sympathize with the difficulties people are facing during these difficult economic times. Yet we want for people to know that Grace believes the most fundamental need is to know and love God. It is through Jesus Christ that this relationship is possible. So in the course of your interaction with us, expect to be encouraged to attend a service or be told more about the ministry of the church.

You can now conveniently download and print a Benevolence Request Form by clicking here. Upon completion, please return the form along with the requested items above to the Grace Church office.