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Dear Guest of Grace

The greatest privilege of the Christian life is to know God. But let’s be honest—there are countless means by which people today attempt to pursue fulfillment apart from Him.

Some place their confidence in wealth-accumulation. Others turn to a special relationship and make it the center of their lives. Still others pursue social causes, thinking that these are what give their life true meaning and significance.

Financial security and happiness with our jobs can be great blessings. Our relationships with family and friends constitute an enormous part of who we are. And without a doubt, there are a number of important causes that we can further as citizens concerned for the common good. But when these are placed in the perspective of eternity, they pale in comparison to knowing and loving God.

Naturally, we as a Christian church aim to introduce people to this God and show people how they might be reconciled to Him. Thus, the cross of Jesus Christ is at the heart of our church’s message. Furthermore, we want to train and equip one another to better live Christ-like lives. What does this mean you as a guest can practically expect? It means four things:

  1. Meaningful Community
  2. Intentional Discipleship
  3. Biblical Proclamation
  4. Spirit-led Worship

We believe that through prayer and Spirit-led obedience to Christ our Lord, we can strive toward fulfilling our vision, which is to be a "Christ-centered, spiritually fruitful, and multi-generational church."

Of course, being the imperfect people that we are, we will always strive toward these goals until Jesus returns. By God’s grace we labor toward these ends. It is my hope and prayer that you will be reconciled to God through Christ, and that the Spirit might lead you to a dynamic commitment to the people of God—the local church.


Jackson Watts