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COVID Response (rev. 1/3/22)

1/3/22 Update:

Since our last update, we have continued to see vaccination rates slowly creep higher, as well as the Omicron variant become a part of the health landscape. Omicron is a more contagious variant, yet seemingly less virulent or severe. Nevertheless, our church continues to carry out its ministry aware of the virus, yet not overshadowed by it. We continue to provide a generous seating area for those who desire to social distance and wear masks throughout the duration of our services. With a number of viruses besides the coronavirus being prevalent during the winter season, we simply ask attendees to continue to self-monitor for symptoms of respiratory illnesses and related ones that could be contagious. In such cases, we encourage people to remain home until they're well. Similarly, we ask those who have been exposed to someone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 and/or persons who have tested positive for COVID-19 to remain home until they have identified if they too have been infected.

Our staff and members stand ready to assist those who need essential items delivered to their home, especially the elderly/disabled and/or those afflicted by illness.

To date, we've had no known instance of virus transmission from our gatherings


9/27/21 Update:

As a church we have continued to do our best to exercise vigilance concerning the number of virus cases in our community, especially as the Delta Variant appears to pose much more severe health risks to a broader range of age groups. We have a wing (seating area) dedicated to masking throughout the entire service, as well as social distancing. Our people have found this beneficial. We still encourage those who aren't vaccinnated to wear face coverings when social distancing isn't possible. Otherwise there is no mask mandate nor social distancing mandate. We do ask that folks exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19 choose to forgo attending and watch our services on YouTube. We also ask that those who have traveled and had significant exposure in areas where virus cases are especially high to consider not attending for a short period upon returning from their trip. We still are willing to provide resources via mail and courier to those homebound members, and others who may be especially at risk due to the virus. 

To date, we have had no known instance of virus transmission from our gatherings. 


5/16/21 Update:

In light of the changing COVID guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, we have decided to lift the mask requirement for vaccinnated persons. We will also permit non-vaccinnated persons to forgo wearing masks when in situations that social distancing is possible. Otherwise, we ask that such persons continue to wear masks. We have also designanted the west wing area for those desiring the wearing of face masks throughout the service, as well as extra social distancing. Along these lines, we will continue to keep the safety tape up around certain pews to make it easier for non-vaccinnated persons to keep proper distance. If you have questions, please see our Pastor or Deacons. 


3/19/21 Update:

We're encouraged to report that at this point community vaccinnation rates are rising, and many within our own congregation have now received theirs. While presently we still have a mask-wearing requirement in place, and we are still only holding in-person Sunday School (special format) and Sunday Morning Worship, we are anticipating making adjustments to our gathering plans hopefully in the springtime. We are seeking to continue to be vigilant since God has been so faithful to our church. We have had zero instances of virus transmission from church-related gatherings. We pray for this to continue, and will work toward it. 

Nursery care is being provided for infants (age 2 and under). Workers are required to wear masks, and of course, all have undergone the standard screening/background check process. We provide this information in the interest of parents of young children being informed of how we are seeking to serve their family in this season so that they can feel free to join us for in-person worship.

Thanks for your patience!


11/14 Update:

In view of quickly rising cases in our community, our leaders have determined that requiring mask-wearing for all attendees is the best way for us to continue to be sufficiently vigilant during this moment in the pandemic. We kindly ask that our regular attenders will choose to follow this request out of love and respect for others' well-being, and that our guests will comply with this request also. 


9/13/20 Update:

Starting on Sunday, September 13, we will begin holding Sunday School at 9:30am, and Morning Worship at 10:30am. We will continue with social distancing protocols and strongly encouraged mask-wearing. The Sunday School format will be modified: We will have one children's class for those preschool-age thru grade school (taught by volunteers wearing masks), and one adult class for teens-thru adult-age persons in the sanctuary. We will continue with this approach for at least the fall quarter, then reevaluate. Additionally, we will continue holding our midweek Bible study online on Wednesdays at 7:00pm for those unable to attend on Sundays. Also, we will make recordings of our Sunday services available each Sunday afternoon, usually no later than 3:00pm. We have found that posting the recorded service afterward gives the viewer a better quality listening/watching experience than trying to follow the livestream, which in many cases is uneven in quality due to varying strengths of Internet connectivity from home to home.

Thanks for your patience during this time!


8/24/20 Update:

Church Family and others following the Grace Church ministry, let me take a moment to update you on the nature of our ministry in these days.

As the situation in our area has evolved in recent months, we've tried to continue to adapt and do what we can to reasonably ensure your safety while at our gatherings. At this point we have a single, weekly church gathering, which is our Sunday Worship Service at 10:00am. Bulletiins are placed in the pews ahead of time, pews have been roped off to ensure social distancing, instrumentalists and others leading the worship service are properly social distanced, offering plates are on the tables in the sanctuary, and other basic measures have been taken. We have chosen to forgo distributing the elements and having the Lord's Supper/Communion and Feet Washing (for the time being). We also provide masks for those who would like to wear them, and we're glad that many have chosen to wear them. Thus far we have begun some children's ministry during the morning service, though this is reserved for those whose parents/guardians are comfortable with this. Our children's volunteers are taking steps to keep students spaced out during classroom time. We are also in the process of beginning a modified Sunday School ministry the first Sunday in September. Let it be noted that this will look very different! More details are forthcoming.

As always, we ask you to use discretion concerning your health when out in the community, and certainly we ask you to abide by our guidelines when present at our facility. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, feel free to contact the church office at 636-296-2380.


5/13/20 Update:

Church family,

I’m pleased to report that we’re making preparations to open our doors for service beginning this Sunday, May 17. Now, as you know we’re still in the middle of a pandemic. We’re grateful that our government officials are trying to get our community gradually back to normal activities. But we have an obligation as Christian citizens to think through how we can transition back as safely as possible. So if you’ll give me a few moments of your time, I want to walk you through the measures we’re taking to ensure your safety, as well as our guests we may have.

The key to our reopening is maintaining social distancing. Social distancing appears to be crucial to minimizing the spread of the coronavirus, and so we need to do our very best with that, especially until a vaccine is developed or we start seeing greater immunity to it.

The good news is that God has given us a spacious building, and we know initially many of you will not yet be able to join us. We’re not going to be a full capacity for a while. Let me start there: In keeping with the guidelines of our public health authorities, we’re going to ask if you’re 65 and older, please remain home for right now. Obviously, we can’t and won’t stop you from coming. However, we’re passing along the suggestions we’ve been given. Likewise I imagine some of you will have conversations with your adult children who care about you. Talk to them about these things. We don’t want to put you at odds with them. And who knows, if this transition goes well and you’re otherwise healthy, maybe very soon you may return, too. We’re just asking you to give it just a bit longer.

If you have underlying health problems, we ask you to stay home a bit longer. This seems especially true for people with lung or heart conditions, diabetes, or who are otherwise immune-compromised. Third, if you don’t feel well, or haven’t been well physically, please remain home. Finally, if you live in a different county that asks you to stay home, observe their guidelines as best as you can. Now you may wonder, so we’re going to get left out? We’re working hard right now to make sure we can record our morning service, and make it available to you hopefully later in the day on Sunday. We know it’s not the same. But we’re trying to find the balance between caring well for you physically and spiritually.

So, what about those who will gather? First, we will only have Sunday morning worship for now. That service will be at 10:00am. Hopefully in the near future we can begin bringing some of our other gatherings back such as Sunday School, Midweek Service, or Evening Worship. But for now, if you have internet access, we’d love to have you join our online Bible study each week (call the church for more information). But otherwise we’ll just have the Sunday morning service.

Second, we’re going to ask you to not shake hands or hug, and only sit in the areas designated with your family. This means we’re going some pews that are roped off in order to distance ourselves properly throughout the sanctuary. We’re also going to open both of our wings to give extra seating options. Bulletins will not be handed out, but placed in pews days ahead of time. We’ll ask you not to congregate in the foyer before or after the service. And we’ll also have the water fountains roped off so as to avoid that potential area for spread. Finally, we are going to have our restroom facilities available. However, if you choose to use them, we ask that you wear your mask as you come and go (Please wear your mask when using the restrooms), since we can’t maintain social distancing in that back corridor or in the restroom itself. Of course, if you’d like to wear a mask otherwise, you’re more than welcome to do that. Finally, we will not be having children’s church classes or regular nursery at this time since social distancing can’t be really maintained in those ministries. However, if you’re a mother with an infant and need to change a diaper or simply calm them, you’re welcome to step in there to do that.

Again, we don’t expect to be anywhere near full capacity. To be quite honest, I don’t expect any more than 40-50 people, if that. But because returning to public gatherings—worship included—is going to be a long process, we’re trying to begin now. We’ve chosen to wait a couple of weeks after the governor’s order allowed gatherings of more than ten people so we could make all the necessary preparations.

So, let’s all pray in anticipation of Sunday. Let’s trust God to watch over us, while also doing the responsible things we need to do to gather. Whether you’ll be watching or listening from home, or here with us, we love you and God loves you. It’ll be great when we can all say that to each other, in person.

Yours in Christ,

Jackson Watts


Updated (5/4)

After prayer and careful consideration, we have decided to reopen our church building for Sunday morning worship beginning on May 17. While more details will be forthcoming in the next few days, for now rest assured we are taking and will take every measure we can reasonably take to ensure that we prevent against virus spread. Social distancing will not only be encouraged, but we'll implement practices to guarantee it. While we certainly know that many of our people will not yet be able to return due to age or underlying health problems, we will do our best to provide a recording of the service later to you. Pray for us as we try to work toward preparing for the 17th.


3/18/20 Update:

Church family and community, 

We are living in an extraordinary time which calls for a special measure of grace and strength from the Lord. We are being reminded of the need to love our neighbors in new ways (social distancing, extra hand washing, staying at home), but also in old ways (calls, notes, prayers). We stand ready as a church to assist those in need spiritually and financially, starting with the Grace Family and working outward. While much of our normal ministry activity has been cancelled, rescheduled, or indefinitely postponed, much of it goes on!

To our members and regular attenders: Please feel free to contact the church or one of our Deacons if you have a financial or other tangible need (help with grocery delivery, for example). We have many people on standby, ready to help.

For others: Our normal benevolence process is in effect for the time-being. However, please contact the church by phone before coming by, and we'll be happy to discuss your particular need with you. We'd love to pray with you, offer counsel, and other financial help as we're able. 

Our facility will be generally open from the hours of 7am to 4pm, each week day. Feel free to call or leave a message. Note: These hours are subject to change.

Our current cancellation plan extends until further notice. However, this will be updated regularly as we receive further instruction from local, state, and federal officials. Any changes or news will be further disseminated through this website, our church Facebook page, email blasts, and call chain. Also, feel free to listen to recent messages on our message page

Stay informed. Stay patient. And rest in the Lord. 

Jackson Watts / Grace Church Board

Updated (4/1)